Outdoor Activities

What can we do around this place? Well, so much, you will even regret to leave so early.

First of all, you can check the weather with this app for example: https://www.windy.com/-Rain-thunder-rain?rain,47.937,6.960,14


Komoot can be a good start

Here is also the village’s official flyer: https://www.kruth.fr/images/documents/plaquette-sentiers-2014.pdf

The Lake

The lake is about 81 hectares

There are many brochure in french : https://lac-kruth-wildenstein.fr/ ; The local flyer; https://www.hautes-vosges-alsace.fr/en/

Access to the car parks are free.
We can easily walk or cycle around the lake. Driving is only allowed counter-clockwise.
Barbecues are not forbidden.
Swimming is not supervised but please don’t get close to the dam.

If you want to use the pedal boats, kayaks, activities in trees or go to the snack bar, everything is managed via https://parcarbreaventure.com/

If you like scuba diving, here is the local club: https://club-plk.forumactif.org/


this mountain is not the most challenging and this means that you can easily move around with these examples of links


The nearest paragliding clubs will let you take advantage of the many airstreams:



Summer Toboggan https://www.lemarkstein.net/fr/bouger-lhiver/station-du-markstein/luge-sur-rails



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